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Welcome to Fraud in America

Welcome to the Fraud in America blog! We are here to tell the stories of whistleblowers, brave individuals who come forward to expose wrongdoing and fight fraud in America.

The blog is a project of Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund and the Fraud in America Editorial Team. We are attorneys who represent whistleblowers under the various federal and state whistleblower laws. These laws are the most powerful tool that the government has to expose fraud harming taxpayers, consumers, investors, and the health and safety of the public. They include the federal False Claims Act, the SEC and CFTC disclosure programs, the IRS tax whistleblower program, as well as the whistleblower laws of the states.

We are starting this blog to provide a resource for potential whistleblowers and their allies who want to learn about how to report wrongdoing and protect themselves from retaliation in a legal and safe way. This blog will not provide legal advice, but is intended to educate the public about whistleblowing. If you are a potential whistleblower, contact a whistleblower lawyer as soon as possible.

The blog will accompany the Fraud in America podcast/Youtube show, hosted by Jeb White, President & CEO of TAFEF. Check out the first episode, an interview with Ambassador John Phillips, one of the key architects of the 1986 False Claims Act amendments who has fought for whistleblowers his entire career. We hope you will subscribe to the podcast and follow the blog for additional context and content related to each week’s episode.

If you are interested in writing for Fraud in America, check out our style guide. We are primarily interested in writing that informs potential whistleblowers and those going through the process of how the False Claims Act and other whistleblower statutes work, how they can strengthen their potential cases, and what they can expect from the process. We also accept some blog posts to educate lawyers about the latest developments in case law or other important matters. If you have a submission, please email: blog@fraudinamerica.com.